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Where the f*** are My Keys
Where the f*** are My Keys

Where the f*** are My Keys

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From the bestselling author of 52 Things to Do While You Poo, this playful puzzle book makes light of one of life's most maddening and relatable trials

We've all been there. Busy day ahead, running late, but no sign of your lesser-spotted keys! Just where the f*ck have they got to?

What would normally induce all kinds of rage in real life can now be a source of mental stimulation and amusement with the help of this comical collection of visual puzzles.

With great artistry and mischievous glee, bestselling author Hugh Jassburn has hidden your keys in a range of everyday and not-so-everyday environments. Among the dozens of intricately illustrated scenarios, you'll find the following challenges:
- Some genius has left them in the cutlery drawer
- How did they end up in the bathroom cabinet?
- Rescue your keys from a swarm of creepy-crawlies
- You've dropped them down the back of the sofa, so get rummaging
- They've fallen into a pit of snakes - good luck with that!

Where the F*ck Are My Keys? is the perfect gift for those with a talent for misplacing their belongings - just don't be surprised if they lose this book as well.