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Togetherness Decal 28cm

Togetherness Decal 28cm

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  • By Nathan Secker
  • Available in 1 sizes. 

Enclosed is a stylish & removable art image. If installed correctly this art will last over 5 years on an interior surface and up to two years on an exterior façade.

Art decals require a smooth (not textured) surface. We do not recommend applying to paper but almost any non porous surface is suitable; doors, cupboards, fridges, laptops, glass, metal and of course walls!

Proudly designed and produced in New Zealand. Supporting New Zealand Artist. 

The photographer Nathan Secker was born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand.

His family ran an art gallery and, as a child in the 1960s, he was inspired particularly to take up a career in photography by Ansel Adams, the enormously successful photographer of epic American landscape scenes.

Describing himself as "fortunate to be able to indulge a passion", Nathan Secker describes his artwork as a depiction of "the light, the landscape, shapes and colours found in nature”. He adds: “my part is to find a way to present the image as I have seen it. Everyone sees the world with their own filter and I am attempting to show that view through my own eyes".

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