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My Eco Wrap Meadow Bees - Lunch Pack

My Eco Wrap Meadow Bees - Lunch Pack

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It's no secret, we LOVE honey bees! When is comes to making the world a better place for our busy little golden friends, we imagine a meadow full of wildflowers, brimming with life. There's a bright golden haze in our Meadow Bees Lunch Pack - it's a swarm of Honey Bees, enjoying the meadow flowers. This cute Lunch Pack is for any Bee lover who can enjoy their lunch knowing they're reducing plastic waste and using a set of organic beeswax wraps made by their buzzy friends.

Lunch Packs include:
1 Small (18 x 22 cm), 1 Medium (26 x 33cm)

100% Natural Ingredients * Biodegradable * Handcrafted in New Zealand

* * * Each wrap is lovingly hand made and may vary slightly in shape and size from the dimensions above. * * *