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My Eco Wrap Kiwiana - Triple Pack

My Eco Wrap Kiwiana - Triple Pack

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This set features the wonderful things that are known simply as 'Kiwiana' ... the things that contribute to our sense of 'nationhood'. Fern fronds dancing, Pohutukawa blooming and the Koru symbolizing new life, strength and peace. You'll love this Kiwiana set to remind you of home or to gift to family & friends.
Triple Packs include:
1 Small (18 x 22 cm), 1 Medium (26 x 33cm), 1 Large (33 x 33cm)

Natural Ingredients * Biodegradable * Handcrafted in New Zealand
Our wraps are made with certified organic and pesticide-free NZ Beeswax.

* * * While we do our very best, each wrap is hand made so may vary slightly in shape and size from the dimensions above. * * *