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Fantail Irises Cosmetic Bag

Fantail Irises Cosmetic Bag

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This colourful cosmetic bag is very handy to use, artwork by Irina Velman

  • Size: 150 x 220 x 100mm.
  • Made of 100% Polyester. 
  • Machine Washable

"I am New Zealand artist of Russian origin. I travelled a lot and currently settled down in Waitakere, West Auckland. It is a very special place where the nature is beautiful and powerful, people are friendly creative, the art community is flourishing. You simply can’t run out of inspiration here!

Art has been a lifetime journey for me: my hobby, passion, escape, source of happiness and now it is my profession that I thoroughly enjoy. I paint every day, what can be better!

My painting process is simple: I spend time at the beach, in the forest, in the garden, admiring the beauty and taking a lot of photos of the same place from different angles. I save the photos in my computer and start working on composition and colour scheme. The goal is to make the image looking like work of art, not like a photograph. The subject itself doesn’t matter. As long as I can play with colour and light, I am happy.

My art is known for its distinctive style and vibrant colours. My favourite colours are red, orange and yellow, hues of sunshine and fire, warm, passionate and expressive.

As a painter, I consider myself influenced by Paul Gauguin, Maryanne North and Russian traditional decorative art.

The world around me fascinates me, I see it in a beautiful, mysterious way and believe in healing power of art."

---Irina Velman

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