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Easter Bunny Face Gingerbread

Easter Bunny Face Gingerbread

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This Easter, make your treats stand out with our irresistibly decorated white-chocolate-dipped gingerbread Bunny Face Easter Cookie!

Each cookie is lovingly crafted with the perfect blend of sweetness and whimsy, making it the ideal addition to any Easter egg hunt or gift basket.

Indulge in the heavenly blend of gingerbread, velvety white chocolate, and a colourful sprinkling of chocolate buttons for the eyes and nose - it's the perfect way to put a smile on anyone's face! And, thanks to their convenient single-wrapping, these cookies make an exceptional gift for staff and clients alike or for hiding in the garden for the annual Easter hunt.

So why not surprise them with a little treat that tastes as good as it looks?

Delight in the sheer joy of Easter - one cookie at a time!