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Christmas Pine Crystal Serie Reed Diffuser 100ml

Christmas Pine Crystal Serie Reed Diffuser 100ml

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The sharp, sweet, and refreshing smell of rich Christmas Pine is a scent that needs to make its way into every home this Christmas!  Breathe in fresh-cut pine, dropping into a woodsy spicy blend of cedarwood, cinnamon bark, and juniper, perfectly balanced in a base of green mandarin and cranberry.

A classic Christmas favorite that truly brings about all the joy of a classic Hallmark Christmas movie. It is that time of the year to immerse yourself with the smell of Christmas and feel the warmth, joy, and love of this season all around you.


Our exquisite Crystal Diffusers make the perfect Christmas gift!

Transform the ambiance of your space with our luxury hand-cut crystal series reed diffuser, for connoisseurs of luxury fragrance, refinement, and style.

Smaller 100ml size is perfect for Bathrooms or smaller-sized rooms.

Made in New Zealand

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